Partly Completed Machinery: what does it mean?


In the last (and still in force) edition of the Machinery Directive, issued in 2006 and identified by the initials 2006/42 /EC, were introduced the so-called “Partly Completed Machinery”.

Following the definition stated in the text of the Machinery Directive, “Partly Completed Machinery” means an assembly of parts that is almost a machine, but it’s not able to guarantee a well-defined application by itself. It’s therefore solely intended to be incorporated or assembled to other machinery, partly completed machinery or other apparatus in order to constitute a machine.

Which documentation is required for the Partly Completed Machinery?

A “Partly Completed Machinery” does not require a CE Marking to be placed on the market and must not be attached by a Declaration of Conformity (reserved for actual machines), but it requires a Declaration of Incorporation.

Within the latter, the “Partly Completed Machinery’s” manufacturer must clearly specify the list of Essential Health and Safety Requirements (EHSRs) that have been considered and met. As well as the indications for the integration of the “Partly Completed Machinery” (Instructions for Assembly, defined by the Machinery Directive, within its Annex VI).


As defined for the Machines, for which it is necessary to share a Technical File, even for the ” Partly Completed Machinery” it is needed to prepare a technical documentation that the Machinery Directive describes as “Relevant technical documentation”: a list of documents indicated in Annex VII, part B of the Directive itself.

Competent support from a specialized partner

Examples of “Partly Completed Machinery” and in-depth information on the procedures to place them on the market are the focus of the specialized Safety Machinery Training. The course clarify the Italian legislative framework related to safety machinery – Legislative Decree 17/2010 (incorporation of the Machinery Directive) and D. Lvo 81/2008.

The chance of dealing directly with industry experts can reduce any risk related to the safety of industrial machinery.


Through the “CE Marking” service, the Phoenix Contact’s Digital Safety Solutions team is also able to support you during all the preparatory phases to place on the market a “Partly Completed Machinery”:

  • analysis and listing of satisfied EHSRs
  • assembly of the Relevant technical documentation
  • preparation of Assembly Information
  • drafting of the Declaration of Incorporation