Coded safety switch with RFID technology: PSRswitch


The coded safety switch is used for the reliable monitoring and protection of guard doors and positions in machines and industrial facilities. For best possible security, the integrated RFID-technology offers maximum protections against manipulation. The safety switches can be configured for standalone operation or safe connection in series according to EN ISO 14119 up to PL e.

The safety switch PSRswitch can easily be installed on doors or flaps thanks to its compact design. The integrated diagnostic channel provides the relevant status information, such as “door open”, “door closed”, “waiting for reset”, “wiring problem” and more, to the safety relay connected in parallel.

The coded safety switch with RFID technology is one of the components that can be installed during the Remediation phase to reach the necessary safety level on machines and systems.

Interruttori interbloccato senza contatto PSRswitch

RFID technology advantages

The acronym RFID stands for “Radio Frequency Identification”: it means that objects can be identified in the absence of physical or visual contact. In the PSRswitch safety switch, RFID technology guarantees the encoded exchange of signals between sensor and actuator, the EN ISO 14119 requires the coding of RFID safety switches to be protected against manipulations and malfunctions.

The PSRswitch safety switch supports the highest encoding level, so no additional protection measures are required, such as a hidden installation for switches with a lower encoding level.

What is the purpose of the EN ISO 14119 standard and what is it standing for?

“Safety of machinery – Interlocking devices associated with guards – Principles of designing and selection”: the standard identifies the principles for designing and selection, regardless of the nature of the energy source, of the safety sensors with and without locking device on security doors, safety guards and other mobile protective devices.

This standard is harmonized in accordance with the Machinery Directive as “type B standard” to ensure the safety of machines or systems when the door is opened. Thanks to the coded safety PSRswitch  is now possible to correctly identify all types of anomalies, eliminating the dangerous consequences deriving from undetected faults.